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Life was so much simpler
When I hadn’t got a clue
Hidden meanings; covered words
Did not make me so blue

My heart it told a story
With an ending far too soon
A fairytale it couldn’t be
It was a tale of doom

Those words came running at me
Those lips that spoke were kind
But those same lips that told me
Gave me pieces of their mind

They were not those of enemies
I couldn’t fight them back
The words of friends I thought I had
They were all charred and black

I thought it would blow over
That time would heal the wounds
But days had passed and gone away
And still I was alone

My mind I could not speak of
My heart could not be free
The only thing I thought of
Was that something’s wrong with me

My friends I missed so badly
I’d do anything to change
To make myself the perfect friend
To talk to them again

But time carelessly passes by
And they are strangers now
You cannot change a lifetime
When forgiveness is not allowed

circa 2005
Old poem
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November 2, 2008
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